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Rec: Doctors’ Night Out or a Whole Bucket Full of Crazy

Hello, everyone! I'm cosmic_celery (NotOnBoats on Teaspoon) and I'll be reccing a mixed bag of fic this week. I hope everyone finds something that they like!

Lets start off the week with a bit of good ol' fashioned crack.

Story: Doctors’ Night Out or a Whole Bucket Full of Crazy
Author: finmagik
Rating: Adult
Author's summary: The various incarnations of the Doctors' meet up for a night on the town, in the village on Christopher street.
Characters/Pairings: Donna Noble, Evelyn Smythe, Romana II, Vislor Turlough, Four, Five, Six, Eight, Ten, Four/Six
Warnings: Swearing
Word Count: 3,700 with both chapters

Recced because: The crack. Oh the glorious, incomparable crack. This has to be my favorite in the "a bunch of Doctors meet, hijinks ensue" genre, and every time I come back to it it's still funny. Much to Finmajik's credit, she uses the stereotypes for each Doctor to hilarious effect, but also manages to add a smidgen of believability to the whole drunken affair.


“Hello, chaps!” the Fourth Doctor said, striding up to the bar. “Look who I found wandering around the streets like a lost lamb.”

The Sixth Doctor smirked at that remark.

“Hello, everybody,” the Fifth Doctor said. “It really is lovely to see you, errm, or is it...?”

“Never mind, I had a hard enough time figuring it out myself,” the Eighth Doctor said.

“Aren’t there supposed to be more of us here? Where are the others?” asked the Tenth Doctor.

“Three is still stuck with a broken TARDIS at UNIT,” said the Fourth Doctor.

“Two is afraid Jamie would wander off in the city and get lost,” the Eighth Doctor said. “So he isn’t coming.”

“Seven,” the Sixth Doctor said, rolling his eyes expressively, “claims he has better things to do.”

“One said he was above all this silliness,” the Eight Doctor sighed.

“Nine is moping,” the Fourth Doctor said.

“What about Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen?” asked the Tenth Doctor.

“Eleven is currently stuck in a parallel universe,” said the Sixth Doctor. “Twelve is just an anti-social git, and Thirteen was busy.”


Also, if you were wondering, The Good Ship Venus is in fact a real song with a rich nautical history.

Tags: author: finmagik, companion: donna, companion: evelyn, companion: romana ii, companion: turlough, doctor: 4, doctor: 5, doctor: 6, doctor: 8, doctor:10, pairing: 4/6, rating: adult, reccer: cosmic_celery, type: slash

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