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Dame Lady Celery of the Cosmos in Spaace, esq. MD.

Rec: No Place for You Here

Well, this is my last rec! I've had fun this week, and I hope you've all enjoyed these stories as much as I have.

Story: No Place for you Here
Author: RTF (rob_t_firefly)
Author's summary: What becomes of a Doctor who can't be a Doctor?
Characters/Pairings: Doctor (Cushing), Doctor (Webcast 9th)
Warnings: None
Word Count: 1591

Recced because: The Doctor Who universe is a gigantic, divergent monster of a thing. Being around for so long, canon and the questionably canon are bound to contradict and overlap in all sorts of odd ways, with loose ends sticking out all over. Two of those loose ends (the ninth Doctor seen in the Scream of the Shalka webcast, and the "Doctor Who" movies starring Peter Cushing) are tied together neatly in this story that feels exceptionally clever and completely sincere. I'm especially fond of RTF's portrayal of the Shalka!Doctor, who we really don't hear enough from in fan fiction.
Tags: author: rtf, doctor:cushing, doctor:reg!nine, rating: teen, reccer: cosmic_celery, type: gen

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