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Down the Pub, by Edithmatilda and Nostalgia

Story: Down the Pub
Author: Edithmatilda, co-written with nostalgia
Rating: probably Teen
Word count: 1,272
Author's summary: Fitz and Tegan meet in a pub.
Characters/pairings: Fitz Kreiner, Tegan Jovanka, Anji Kapoor
Warnings: swearing

Recced because: Doctor Who is packed with fantastic worlds and roller coaster adventures. Sometimes, though, you just want to tune in to the quieter moments, the conversations you know companions must have over tea and beer. Because that's where the real train wrecks lie.

Down the Pub is a bitingly cracky tale not just of two companions colliding with each other, but of one era of Who talking to another. And social awkwardness. And alcohol.

“This is crap,” said Fitz.

Tegan did the nervous look of sitting next to someone who hears voices. No number of crazy adventures and terrifying killer aliens could ever quite dislodge her natural human eaction to mild human strangeness. Aliens were, after all, aliens. You expected them to be weird. Humans, on the other hand, you knew what they were meant to conform to. And this tousle-headed, ashtray-scented guy wasn’t.

“No, really,” he said turning towards her. He didn’t seem mad. “My Guinness is flat, the regulars are dead, and the Doctor’s fucked off.”

Tegan caught herself on the verge of saying “Typical.”
Tags: author: edithmatilda, author: nostalgia, companion: anji, companion: fitz, companion: tegan, rating: teen, reccer: elliptic_eye, type: gen

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