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Moving In, by Calico

Story: Moving In
Author: Calico
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 6,850
Author's Summary: Ianto's first day at work. AKA, Oblivious Jack is oblivious!
Characters/Pairings: Jack/Ianto
Warnings: Swearing, explicit sex, extremely complicated consent issues

Recced because: It's dead smack in the middle of yet another work-week; let's have some porn.

This fic isn't porn from beginning to end, though. It's porn nearly from beginning to end that manages to be one of the most brilliant Torchwood character studies I've read. Amazingly crafted, Moving In plays on everything we already know, rather than secrets the author holds, to deliver killer punchlines on so many levels at once. Darkly, bitterly funny, chilling, and hot all at once.

This fic seems to be well-known within TW fandom already; since I was clueless as to its existence until I stumbled on a rec somewhere not long ago, though, I wanted to share.

There was a clanging noise, then a clunk-clunk-clunk.

Sound travelled further through the hub after hours. Jack sighed and pressed the button by his desk to send his voice through the whole comms system. "Could you keep it down? Trying to work."

There was a pause, then Ianto's voice came huskily through his earpiece: "Sorry, sir."

Jack leaned back in his chair and tuned his headset to Ianto's, starting to smile. Just as he'd suspected: Ianto Jones worked late. In that lovely suit. With that evocative drawl. "No problem," Jack said, imagining Ianto's mouth close to his ear. "What are you doing, anyway? Moving in?"

"That Rift-manipulation device I told you about," Ianto said. Jack smiled wider. He already liked it when Ianto said things like manipulation; it gave him the shivers.
Tags: companion: jack, pairing:ianto/jack, rating: adult, reccer: elliptic_eye, torchwood: ianto, type: slash

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