madmerry (madmerry) wrote in calufrax,

Betrayal by Edzel2

Story: Betrayal
Author: edzel2
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 5294
Author's Summary: Part One of my series, The Master Chronicles. This is Lucy's story, told through her eyes from when she first meets Harold Saxon to her final act of betrayal on board the Valiant.
Warnings: Explicit Sex, Explicit Violence, Swearing

Recced because: This story is a bit more adult than many I've seen recced here but the ticklish subject matter is handled with a maturity and grace that speaks volumes. The eloquent words seem to pull you right into the brain of a young woman called Lucy and you can watch as horrified as she, herself, is as her world falls down. The author manages to rise above your insipid I-used-to-be-evil-but-the-Doctor-came-and-I-got-better portrayal f Lucy and shows instead a girl as human as you and I and as easily relate-able.
Tags: author: edzel2, character: lucy saxon, character: simm!master, pairing:lucy/simm!master, rating: adult, reccer: madmerry, type: het

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