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Rec: The Strength To Hold On (The Halley's Comet Remix) by stunt_muppet

Story: The Strength To Hold On (The Halley's Comet Remix)
Author: stunt_muppet
Rating: Teen
Author's summary: Forty years in the life of Elizabeth Shaw, waiting for a paradox to unravel.
Characters/Pairings: Liz/Martha, Liz/OFC, Three, Eight
Warnings: none
Word Count: ~6,600

Recced because: And one more remix, which also does a fantastic job of pulling out something from the original story and creating a fabulous parallel story. The original is atraphoenix's excellent The Strength To Let Go, told from Martha's POV on meeting and re-meeting Liz forty years later, though very little time has passed for her. The remix gives us Liz during those long forty years, and creates a gorgeous portrait of her, a life lived half in waiting but never not lived. It's well-written, thoughtful, with some great imagery and excellent cameos by two different Doctors, helping nudge Liz along the path to understanding and appreciating what she has in her life. It's a terrific remix and a terrific story in its own right as well.
Tags: author: stunt_muppet, companion: liz, companion: martha, doctor: 3, doctor: 8, pairing:liz/martha, rating: teen, reccer: livii, type: femslash

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