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Today's Not Over Yet By Camilla Sandman

Story: Today's Not Over Yet
Author:Camilla Sandman
Rating: All Ages
Author's Summary: Tomorrow, the world is ending, and today, he is happy. [Eighth Doctor with special guest stars.]
Characters/Pairings: Eighth Doctor (with brief cameo by kiddie Rose)
Warnings: None

Recced because: It's beautiful.
Essentially, it's a 'What Would You Do If You Had One Day To Live' fic, but gives it a Time Lord twist.
If you had all time and space at your disposal, what would you do on your last day of freedom? The Eighth Doctor travels and sees all the beautiful things that earth has to offer throughout history in the span of a single day that lasts centuries.
Really, really stunning. Misscams stuff is always beautiful, and philosophical I think.
Honestly, I thing we could all use something a little cheerful after yesterday's special!
Tags: author: camilla sandman, companion: rose, doctor: 8, rating: all ages, reccer: edgeofworld, type: gen

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