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rec: The Spartans

Story: The Spartans
Author: JJPOR
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 69,883
Author's Summary: Greece, 480 BC: As the vast armies of the King of Kings prepare to battle the outnumbered defenders of the Hot Gates, the Doctor and his friends find themselves where they often find themselves at times like this – caught in the middle.
Characters/Pairings: Second Doctor, Jamie McCrimmon, Polly, Ben Jackson
Warnings: Some violence.

Recced because: I love this so much if someone had recced it before me I might have had to kill them? No, wait, that’s not a reason… (Not a good one, anyway.)

Okay: because it’s a proper, Sixties-style, straight historical with note-perfect characterisation, and it uses the TARDIS team of Two, Jamie, Ben and Polly to great effect – and given how many of this era’s stories are missing, we need fanfic like this to make it up to us. What’s more it’s a straight historical, but with a cast of thousands, battles, and all the things that would have happened off-screen on TV (or with two stuntmen being unconvincing somewhere) described in glorious detail. Really. It’s absolutely brilliant – don’t miss out.
Tags: author: jjpor, companion: ben, companion: jamie, companion: polly, doctor: 2, rating: teen, reccer: lost_spook, type: gen

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