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REC: they are the lantern (and you are the light)

Story: they are the lantern (and you are the light)
Author: livii
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 2065
Author's summary: "It does not matter," Leela said, throwing back her shoulders. "We are together now. We shall live each day as it comes." An attempt to knit a love story of sorts for Andred and Leela.
Characters/Pairings: Leela/Andred, Romana II, Torvald,
Warnings: Spoilers for the first two seasons of the Gallifrey audios.

Recced because: Somehow livii takes Leela and Andred--a canon pairing that even the writers, actors, and producers involved thought made very little sense--and gives them a love story to believe in. It's passionate and heartbreaking and just a little bit epic. All livii's character voices are strong and the story is written both clearly and eloquently. Of all her fics, it's my personal favorite.

As livii says herself:

Later, neither of them could satisfactorily explain why they'd offered, or accepted. But to those who understood love (so, so few on Gallifrey, cold, barren Gallifrey), one look at their faces whenever they smiled, whenever their hands brushed together, it was plain as day.
Tags: author: livii, companion: leela, companion: romana ii, pairing:andred/leela, rating: teen, reccer: biichan, type: het

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