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of more value than many sparrows, by icebluenothing

Hello: and thanks for having me here! I suppose I'm a bit late today for the watchers on the east coast (and, I guess, all you dudes in England, hello!) but, uh, better late than never?

I like stories that are funny, and I like stories that are scary, and I really like stories that are both. I started with the new series, but I'm working my way through the classic as well. I have a ton of favorite stories, and what I'm going to rec is pretty much any of them that haven't already been recced here! It's a bit intimidating! Apologies in advance if I miss anything and do a repost.

Story: Of More Value Than Many Sparrows
Author: icebluenothing
Rating: non-adult. I'd say PG.
Wordcount: 1849
Summary: "Don't look up. Look around you." If you can't change history, what use is time travel? (Set after Father's Day and before The Empty Child)
Characters: the Ninth Doctor, Rose.
Warnings: um... spoilers for Father's Day?

Rec because: this is, for me, the ninth Doctor manifesto. It's everything that makes him my favorite Doctor. In here he's ancient and terrible, and battered and hurting, but he's still passionate, he's still got so much love for the universe. He's still going out there every day and patching things together not out of tired duty but because he really cares. And he picks Rose up and takes her along with him. It's gorgeous.

"Earth, yes. Home, no. Look, you can sit around in here and sulk all day if you want -- "

"Hey! That's not -- "

" -- but I've got things to do! People to see, places to go. You do what you want. But the world is going to keep on spinning without you. It's not going to stop while you lick your wounds, and wait for you to catch up."

She glared at him. "You're not being fair."

The TARDIS ground to a halt. He looked at her in surprise again. "When did I ever promise you I'd be fair?"
Tags: author: icebluenothing, companion: rose, doctor: 9, rating: teen, reccer: roachpatrol, type: gen

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