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Canary In Te Coal Mine, by Meredith

Okay, last rec! It's been great, thanks for having me.

Story:  Canary in the Coal Mine
Author: Meredith
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 6006
Author's Summary: This probably didn't happen. But the only one who knows for sure isn't talking. What would the Doctor do to convince the Time Lords that the threat of the Daleks was real?
Characters/Pairings: Eighth Doctor, Ninth Doctor, Romana.
Warnings: darkfic, mentions of character death. Also, it's a bit out-dated as of the End Of Time.

Recced because: One of her older stories and a little bit jossed by recent events, but it still holds up fantastically. I love stories that deal with the Time War. And I love stories that make fun of Gallifrey and Time Lord Society. And I really, really like stories that start off funny and then go punch you in the stomach. This does all of that, and does it wonderfully. Meredith's Eighth Doctor is bright and sweet even when he's being serious, and watching him try so heard is inspiring and heartbreaking. And Nine is feirce and sad and take-charge. And even Romana is great to watch, as she hovers between wanting to help her friend and fit into a society that has no room for anyone different.

"Hello," he said. "The Daleks must be destroyed."

"Yes, you've mentioned that," the President said, irritably. "Would you mind going outside and making an actual appointment with--?"

"Yes, actually, I would. Because when I said 'the Daleks must be destroyed', I meant the Daleks must be destroyed now. I do apologize; I should've made that clearer. Could we get on with the destroying, then?"

Tags: author: meredith, companion: romana iii, doctor: 8, doctor: 9, rating: teen, reccer: roachpatrol, type: gen

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