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Walks Through Walls, by Eve11

It's actually Monday for me now, but I only just realised I'd missed my final day. This is a good one to end on.

Story: Walks Through Walls
Author: eve11
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 3996
Author's Summary: "Just remember, Doctor. In the midst of the whirlwind, Peladon will always welcome you."
Characters/Pairings: Six, Erimem, Peri, Frobisher, Iris, Mel, Evelyn, Charley (and Eight).
Warning: Spoilers for 'The Bride of Peladon'.

Recced because: It's a beautiful thing, built around a very simple prompt - Six gets Erimem a new cat. This he does, and there's clearly a great kinship between this Doctor and the cat (Five was not so fond of them) and that's great, but eve11 doesn't leave it at just that. Instead, Erimem lives out her life on the slow path and Six shows up with all his companions at various times in her life, and each meting shows us something different about Erimem, who is living her life very well without the Doctor - which is something else to be glad of. I must also admit that anything with Frobisher and/or Iris in it, and done well, is likely to bring me great joy. And this does - though, unlike anything else I've recced - it is somewhat bittersweet.

"No, look there! They even got your hair right--all flyaway and crazy. How'd they do that?"

The argument echoed through the corridors as Erimem rushed toward the portrait hall. She'd left so quickly after the guards announced the mysterious appearance of a "blue wardrobe," she still held baby Cassia in her arms.

"What? Rubbish!"

She recognized that voice--bombastic and unmistakable, but the other was unfamiliar; a soft, male voice with a flatter accent that reminded Erimem more of Peri than of the Doctor's usual tones.

"Take it from a professional, Doc. It's a pretty good likeness."

"Frobisher, just because you're a mesomorph doesn't mean you have any appreciation for two-dimensional reproductions!"
Tags: author: eve11, character: iris wildthyme, companion: charley, companion: erimem, companion: evelyn, companion: frobisher, companion: mel, companion: peri, doctor: 6, doctor: 8, rating: all ages, reccer: aralias, type: gen

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