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mind squeeze, by ohtex

Story: Mind Squeeze

Author: OhTex

All Ages

Word Count:

Author's Summary:
11th Doctor one-shot just after regeneration. 11th/OC. Maybe some romance if you squint. AU COMPLETE
Original Companion, The Doctor (11th).


Recced because:

Right then, today's rec. It's another AU Eleven post-regen fic, this time set, mostly, in a shopping centre in Hereford. The Doctor tries to remember who he is, and for the most part fails miserably. However, his attempts at doing completely normal things are invariably hillarious, (Striding!). Once he gets to grips with his new self, he goes in search of love/a companion (although they're interchangeable nowadays!). A short one-shot from one of the newest authors on Teaspoon.

Suddenly, the Doctor stood. He beamed, pleased with his progress. So he took a step. And another. And another. Oh, this was easy! What had he been sat down for when walking was so much fun? He began striding and then stopped abruptly. He felt something slam into the back of his legs. Ouch! Behind him was a baby in some sort of vehicle. The Doctor frowned. How on earth could a baby human be driving that vehicle by itself? He looked again. Ahhh! Behind the baby vehicle was a woman who didn’t look too pleased. The Doctor had no idea why. She was the one that had crashed into him.

‘Do you mind?’ she said sternly. ‘This is a brand new buggy!’ She swerved around him and stalked off.

Tags: author: ohtex, companion: original, doctor:11, rating: all ages, reccer: robotnick2, type: gen

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