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on the benefits of having an attic by dbskyler

Story: On The Benefits of Having An Attic
Author: dbskyler
Word count: 897
Rating: All ages
Author's Summary: The Doctor sent K-9 to Sarah as a gift. Now what's she supposed to do with all the other stuff?
Characters/ pairings: Sarah Jane Smith, K-9

Recced because: You know those awkward bits when your exes give you back all the stuff you left in their house over the years? When the ex is the Doctor and the house is the Tardis.... well, it can get a bit uncomfortable, too. And messy. And hilarious, especially if the fic is in diary form and you just can't wait to see what's the next thing Sarah Jane has to deal with!
Tags: author: dbskyler, companion: k-9, companion: sarah, rating: all ages, reccer: pitry, type: gen

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