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I'm reccing a bit early to a) make up for reccing so late last night and b)because there's a chance of thunderstorms moving through later.

Now that I've started out with a New!Who rec, let's take a step into Classic!Who and the Fifth Doctor's era.

Story:  Best Enemies
Author: kittenmommy

Rating:  all ages/PG
Word Count: 10037/One shot
Author's Summary:  With the Doctor critically injured and unable to regenerate, Tegan and Turlough join with the Master in a desperate bid to save the Doctor's life.

Characters/Pairings: Tegan, Turlough, The Master(Ainley), 5th Doctor, 4th Doctor
Warnings:  Angst,
Recced because:  I've seen very little of the Fifth Doctor's era beyond what I've seen on YouTube and Time Crash.  However kittenmommy's story makes me feel like I have, crafting a story that shows the characters of that era without making me feel like I have to YouTube them to find out more about them before reading.  I also find the relationship that evolves between Tegan and the Master intriguing as well as the brief conversation between the Doctor and the Master.

“I was hoping, Ms. Jovanka, that we could — as you humans so quaintly put it — allow bygones to be bygones.”

“That’s not quite how we put it,” she told him. “And I’m not sure that you and I can mend our fences and be best mates. You murdered my aunt, remember?”

“Along with quite a few others when you disrupted Logopolis, if the stories I’ve heard are correct,” Turlough added.

“And if the stories I’ve heard are correct, you nearly traded Theta to the Black Guardian for a sparkly bit of rock,” the Master snapped, his voice suddenly brimming with venom.

Turlough opened his mouth, and then closed it again. Without another word, he stood and left the Cloisters.

“You certainly do have a way with people, don’t you?” Tegan said after a long moment.

Though her tone was cool, casual even, her thoughts were in turmoil. The Master’s muzzy statement in sickbay a few nights previous came back to her: Theta doesn’t deserve you, Beautiful One. So, she thought, he wasn’t talking nonsense after all! Theta must be the Doctor’s name

“It is part of my charm,” the Master replied ironically, bringing her back to the present. “Speaking of Theta, has there been any word?”

She shook her head. “No. I go to the medical center every day, but it’s always the same thing: He’s fine. Go away and don’t come back until we tell you.”

“And yet you continue to return there.”

“It’s part of my charm,” she mimicked, earning a chuckle that only a week ago would have chilled her blood. Could it be that I’m actually getting used to him? Oh Lord, help me…
Tags: author: kittenmommy, character: ainley!master, companion: tegan, companion: turlough, doctor: 4, doctor: 5, rating: all ages, reccer: juliet316, type: gen

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