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rec - Five Things Ian Does When He Gets Home by Paranoidangel

Story: Five Things Ian Does When He Gets Home
Author: Paranoidangel
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 1712
Author's Summary: The title sums it up so well, I just can't think of anything better.
Characters/Pairings: Barbara Wright, Ian Chesterton
Warnings: None
Recced because: This is a very recent story, but it's one of the best studies of the life of Companions post-Doctor I've seen, covering the year between Ian and Barbara's return to Earth and their marriage.

"What are we going to say?" Barbara asked, once they'd got off the bus and found themselves becoming serious as they neared home.

Ian sighed. "I've been thinking about that." Although not hard enough when there were so many distractions in modern London. "Would your family believe that you'd gone away of your own free will without a word for two years?"

She shook her head. "I don't think they'd believe that all my letters were lost in the post either. Besides, we left your car in Totter's Lane."

"Yes," he said, thoughtfully. That would certainly look suspicious. "Maybe we should stick to something closer to the truth."

"I don't think anyone would believe that!"
Tags: author: paranoidangel, companion: barbara, companion: ian, pairing:barbara/ian, rating: all ages, reccer: ffutures, type: het

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