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Rec: Making Do by Thirty2Flavors

Hello everyone, I'm sciathan_file and I'll be sending some recs your way this week. I hope everyone can find a fantastic fic or two to love as much as I do!

Story: Making Do
Word Count:
Author's Summary:
 Life goes on for Donna Noble.
Characters/Pairings: Donna, Shaun Temple
Warnings: Spoilers through "The End of Time."
Recced because: Thirty2Flavors is generally brilliant at just about whatever she turns her pen to, and this fic is no exception. Among a plethora of fix-it fics, this one takes what canon has thrown at us and runs with it. What this piece does with Shaun's character is particularly admirable: he emerges as a fully formed character through the prose rather than just an alternative that Donna has to take now that her former life has been denied to her. There are still bittersweet fragments of that other life sprinkled throughout, but the life that Thirty2Flavors forms here for her is every bit as everyday fantastic as Donna deserves.

The dodgy little café on the first floor becomes something of a lunch-hour habit for Donna, and as he works every day, so does the flirting with Shaun. He never runs out of tea again but she orders coffee anyway. They share bits and pieces of each other in the brief exchanges over the cash register. Donna files each one away and mulls over it later while she drinks her coffee and does her mindless work. He lives with a roommate, a bloke named Greg. He’s got two brothers and a sister and all their names begin with ‘S’. He’s always wanted to be a chef but never been able to afford the classes.

It’s not such a bad tradition, as a mid-day pick-me-up, and within two weeks it’s Donna’s favourite part of the nine-to-five.

By four weeks, it’s her favourite part of the day, period.

Tags: author: thirty2flavors, companion: donna, rating: all ages, reccer: sciathan_file, type: het

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