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rec: And Seven For a Secret by Aeshna

Story: And Seven For a Secret
Author: Aeshna
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 57073
Charcters/Pairings: Jack Harkness, Other Character(s)
Author's Summary: When Ben Haldane is left a cryptic note in his grandfather's will, it leads him to a story far stranger than he could ever have imagined.
Warnings: Explicit Violence, Swearing

recced because:
At 57k words, this fic is the length of a short novel. Make time to read it; it's that good. Set in WWII, it has Jack fighting the Nazi equivalent of Torchwood. In a castle. No more need be said.

I mean, I could also say that I love fics where we see Jack from the perspective of the regular people whose lives he touches, and that this does that brilliantly. I could compliment the characterization, and the fabulous OC's. I could talk about the story structure and the dialogue, and the way that Aeshna manages to capture the feel of a WWII war movie.

But mostly, it's about Jack fighting Nazis.

There was no obvious protest from the guards as Kimber poked his head out into the mosquito-laden evening air and so Bert followed him off the truck, stumbling a little as cramped legs protested the impact. The light was starting to fail but there was still enough to see that they had stopped on a narrow spit of land that projected out along the river's west bank, enclosing a small dock where a low-slung barge was being made fast by men in German Army uniforms. The broad expanse of the mighty Rhine itself lay to the other side of the spit, overlooked on either side by the steep, thickly-wooded walls of a deep valley. There was a small and picturesque town on the opposite bank, nestling around a dock of its own, and above that....

"What the hell —?" Frank stopped at Bert's side and stared in disbelief at the shape that sat proudly on a hilltop above the town, its blocky form clearly visible against the darkening sky. "I thought we were going to some sort of bloody transit camp, not fucking Colditz!"

"Colditz? We can't be far enough... oh, baby." Favrell's smile was just a little too wide and a little too pleased for Bert's comfort, as if he found this latest turn of events more encouraging than unsettling. "Would you just take a look at that...."

"It's a castle," Kimber said, staring up at the fortified walls. "They can't be taking us to a sodding castle! Can they?"
Tags: author: aeshna, companion: jack, rating: teen, reccer: gaia_lulia, type: gen

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