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rec: a list of the lost, by aralias

Story: A List of the Lost
Author: aralias
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 3889
Author's Summary: Five times the fifth Doctor was alone with one of his companions, each time after losing someone else.
Characters/Pairings: Fifth Doctor, Adric, Nyssa, Tegan, Turlough, Peri
Warnings: References to character death

Recced because: The Fifth Doctor traveled with a lot of companions, and he traveled with a lot of companions who also traveled with each other. But no one travels with the Doctor forever. In a series of vignettes, this fic explores each companion's reaction to the loss of someone, and in so doing, explores how each companion sees his or her own relationship to the Doctor. Taken individually, the vignettes are a wonderful series of character studies; added together, they are a study on the Doctor himself, and an insightful look into the Doctor/companion relationship.

Tegan shifts her weight awkwardly from foot to foot as the Doctor raises his eyebrows, hands clasped in front of him over his knees. What she wants is for him to show some sort of human, all right, some sort of Time Lord feeling. What she wants is for him to notice that she’s upset, get up off the sofa and hug her, because he’s upset too and because that’s what friends do. Normal friends anyway. It’s not what the Doctor does. The Doctor put his arm around her once after she’d been possessed and frightened out of her wits. She remembers he smelled very human: of cotton, mainly, sweat, and peanut butter.
Tags: author: aralias, companion: adric, companion: nyssa, companion: peri, companion: tegan, companion: turlough, doctor: 5, rating: all ages, reccer: dbskyler, type: gen

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