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Rec: The Lonely Doctor's Club (or: Two Doctors Walk Into a Pub) by onedergirl

I apologize for missing yesterday. I'm fighting some virus and my brain isn't at full capacity. A second will go up tonight.

Story: The Lonely Doctor's Club (or: Two Doctors Walk Into a Pub
Author: onedergirl
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 4,880
Author's Summary: Martha Jones meets another doctor in a pub. Drunkenness and commiserating ensue. (Crossover with the BBC's Sherlock)
Characters/Pairings: The Doctor (11th)
Warnings: None

Recced because: I love crossovers. This one has two "sidekicks", who are also doctors (proper medical doctors), commiserating with each other. It's silly and a lot of fun. (Martha Jones and John Watson are an awesome team.)

She blinked in confusion but then her face cleared and she nodded decisively, having made her point in damning fashion. She leaned forward with the air of someone imparting a great secret. “He calls himself the Doctor,” she whispered, her voice containing equal parts awe and contempt, “but he isn’t even a proper doctor.”

John snorted and shook his head, deploring the piss-poor state of the NHS if he could barely hold down a part-time job at his local surgery when some bogus ‘Doctor’–and who used the definite article in front of their title as if they were the only one, anyway? Talk about an arrogant sod–clearly had no trouble.

Enjoy! And review.
Tags: author: onedergirl, companion: martha, rating: all ages, reccer: humantales, type: crossover

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