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The Bridge

Hello everyone! Since I get to rec from now until All Hallow's, I've decided to honor the spirit of the season-- mua ha ha-- and go with dark, scary, creepy, and/or strange fics. Hopefully a bit of each!

So I hope you enjoy... Tales from the Teaspoon Crypt.

Story: The Bridge
Author: Scythe The Wicked
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 2,844
Author's Summary: In a small town in modern day Mississippi, a local teenager recalls the horrid story of a lynching in the Depression Era South and the terrible miracle and tragedy that followed.
Characters/Pairings: Ten, Martha Jones.
Warnings: Explicit violence and death.

Recced because: this is a completely brutal fic, and it reads like a blow to the gut. It' short, it's stark, it's superbly written, and it pulls no punches: not about death, not about bigotry, not about the very real dangers of the life that the Doctor leads his companions into, and certainly not about the darkness in humanity's-- and the Doctor's-- hearts. At the same time there's a distinctly phoenix-like taste of hope tucked into the timey-wimey ending, and, thus, the entire fic, which redeems what might have been a distasteful piece of snuff fic into a wonderfully haunting morality play. Not for the faint of heart, or stomach, but totally worth it.

Now, if this story weren’t strange enough, my grandpa swears up and down that man’s face was different. I don’t mean he just looked different, I mean, as in he looked like a different man in the same suit. His hair was blonde, while before his hair had been brown and his whole face was shaped different. Everyone else on the bridge who survived that day says the same thing, that his whole face changed, otherwise I never would’ve believed it.

Tags: author: scythe the wicked, companion: martha, doctor:10, rating: adult, reccer: roachpatrol, type: gen

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