roach (roachpatrol) wrote in calufrax,

Dead Worlds

Story: Dead Worlds
Author: Branwyn
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 1057
Author's Summary: Lucy Saxon lives in the TARDIS now, and finds that one mad alien is much like another.
Characters/Pairings: Lucy Saxon, the Doctor, references to the Master.
Warnings: darkfic

Recced because: Dead Worlds is a creepy, creepy, creepy look at the Doctor's darker side, which canon often seems to only glance at in flashes and then forget as quickly as possible. But the Doctor isn't human, and he isn't particularly sane, either, and this fic lingers over that in a very haunting way.

The Doctor does not talk to her about Harry. She doesn't know why, because she knows he wants to, knows he thinks about him all the time---more than she does, really. Sometimes when she looks at the Doctor she sees a man, sees an anguish in him that she understands. Sometimes, though, she sees the stirring of something behind his eyes that frightens her more than anything Harry had ever said or done in two and a half years of marriage. And Lucy had seen and heard quite a lot, despite the pills.
Tags: author: branwyn, character: lucy saxon, doctor:10, rating: all ages, reccer: roachpatrol, type: gen

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