madmerry (madmerry) wrote in calufrax,

What We Might Have Been

Story:What We Might Have Been
Author: Rickmaniac
Rating: All Ages
Word Count:1463
Author's Summary:The Doctor says goodbye to a companion who no longer remembers him.
Characters/Pairings:Donna Noble, The Doctor (10th), Jamie McCrimmon
Warnings: None

Recced because: Obviously, there's something very poignant about The Doctor and Donna bumping into Jamie McCrimmon on his deathbed. Obviously, there's an eerie aching sort of foreshadowing occurring. Thankfully, Rickmaniac101 (the author) handles this topic beautifully; never forcing the reader to see the obvious parallel. Her phraseology and tone are both understated and almost elegant. I also quite liked her brief description of the incarnations after their death, it's simple but powerful. The piece is on the short side but truly has a quiet beauty, a must read.
Tags: author: rickmaniac101, companion: donna, companion: jamie, doctor:10, rating: all ages, reccer: madmerry, type: gen

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