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Rec: the people you meet (the things are also people)

Story: the people you meet (the things are also people)
Author: Significant Owl
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 13040
Author's Summary: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy has something to say on the subject of chance meetings.
Characters/Pairings: Rose Tyler, The Doctor (9th)
Warnings: None

Recced because:This is a hoopy frood of a story. From the first paragraph I knew it would be good, and it sustained that goodness all the way through to the end. It really gets the tone and style of the Hitchhiker's Guide, with the turns of phrase, the cynical asides, and the zaniness. Arthur is his sweet, bewildered, sand-kicked-in-the-face self. Ford is oblivious and cool. Rose and the Doctor are seen through the eyes of Arthur, with his own slant on things.

It was a lot of fun.

And to convince you, here are some quotes:

"That man? Hang on, are you after the Doctor?"

He stumbled to a halt. "I don't know," he said, turning to the girl, who had caught him up already. "Does the Doctor dress like an aging rock star and have trouble remembering he's not the most important person in the universe?"


Down the road was another shop, one specialising in spaceship parts and miscellaneous tech, all used (Why Buy New When Our Parts Are Already Broken In?) and all discounted. It was just the sort of place that could be guaranteed to draw in the Doctor and Arthur's friend like tiny bits of iron to an immensely large magnet.
Tags: author: significant owl, companion: rose, doctor: 9, rating: all ages, reccer: kerravonsen, type: gen

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