AU (alt_universe_me) wrote in calufrax,

rec: Skipping Stones by Thirty2flavors

Story: Skipping Stones
Author: Thirty2flavors
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 1,745
Author's Summary: Travelling between worlds to find the Doctor, Rose meets only one person who knows her by name.
Characters/Pairings: Rose, River
Warnings: None

Recced because: It's timey-wimey, always a plus, and almost a must when writing about River Song. It's a story that could fit easily into canon, and it's great to see part of Rose's journey and the strength she finds within herself to travel all alone. The interactions between Rose and River are delightful, mysterious at times, but also comforting. Each of them gets a chance to shine in this story, and it's clearly not a competition. It's also beautifully and thoughtfully written and very true to the characters.
Tags: author: thirty2flavors, character: river song, companion: rose, rating: all ages, reccer: alt_universe_me, type: gen

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