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Revelation of the Aubertides

Title: Revelation of the Aubertides
Author: Vali
Rating: All Audiences
Word count: 26,657
Author's summary: "A ragtag gang of female space pirates with no use for law and order, patriarchy or common sense take the Doctor and Romana hostage--and in the process, their ship becomes a new battlefield in a war thought long ended."
Characters: Doctor 10 and Romana
Warnings: None

Recced because: 10's popular so I was determined to rec something he was starring in but every story I clicked on over at Teaspoon pretty much made me hate him, David Tennant and anyone connected to both. My Teaspoon Roulette was weeeeeeak but eve11 came to my rescue with this story. I just finished it. I adored it. I admit to having reservations about the Man-Haters in Spaaaaace! aspect of it but Vali doesn't sink into cliche. These aren't Amazons or Alien Priestesses wafting serenely across the galaxy and the Doctor doesn't subdue or titillate them with his Manliness. The war they're suddenly fighting isn't the battle of the sexes either, it's one of the last shots of the Time War and it's done brilliantly.

'Aubertide's' long but packed with action, humor and heartbreak so it gallops along quickly. Each character is well-defined and lives and breathes with vitality. The detail is staggering but not overblown, I really envy Vali's sci-fi imagination. SO! There's Time War angst, 10 and Romana UST, fantastic alien worlds/cultures, creepy villains I wanted to strangle myself and pirates! PIRATES! C'mon!

"Hallo," it said, in appropriately high, childish tones. "I'm Harusa. I'm a space-pirate and I'm taking you with me."

Romana looked swiftly around the harbor, but saw no harassed-looking Borthosythian mums seeking a missing spawn. "Hello, Harusa," she replied. "I'm Romana. I'm a Time Lord and I'm afraid I must decline your invitation, I've business elsewhere."

Harusa considered this, forehead rippling with thought. "So what if I threatened to kill you!" she shouted, prodding Romana's leg a bit harder. "You have to come with me now, don't you!" She gazed up at Romana, uncertain. "You do, right?"

"I'm sorry," Romana said, "but I can't say I feel particularly threatened, and I do wish you'd stop poking at my knee. It's annoying."

Harusa mulled this over, double tongues darting out to catch a dragonfly veering off to the left, a flederkatze to the right. "Fine," she said, after much noisy chewing and swallowing, "so what would you say if I said we've got your friend the other Time Lord on our ship and we won't let him go unless you come along?" She put away the knife and, reaching into her bulging dress pockets, brandished a worn canvas trainer in triumph. "See?"

"I'd say it's good to know some things never change," Romana sighed. "Lead the way."
Tags: author: vali, companion: romana ii, doctor:10, rating: all ages, reccer: singeaddams, type: gen

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