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Singe Addams

Move On

Title: Move On
Author: Gentlehobbit
Rating: All Audiences
Word count: 1,847
Author's summary: "Both the Doctor and the Face of Boe love watching waves crash and tumble in oceans, but each has a different reason."
Characters: Doctor 10, Doctor 11, the Face of Boe
Warnings: None

Recced because: Gentlehobbit can set a scene, to put it mildly. She takes us from alien beach to alien beach and you're THERE seeing, tasting, and smelling the beautiful, unusual waves as the Doctor, past and present, roams the sands searching for...not even he knows what. He thinks he knows what the attraction is but the Face of Boe (a character that fascinates me) knows better. It's a gently sad story but very effective and 10, 11 and the Face of Boe are characterized perfectly. This story's a lovely vacation.

When he saw the great tank accompanied by guardians, he gave a shout of joy and scrambled forward. Without a thought, he swung forward over a branch, dangled for a moment from his hands and then dropped, plunging into the waves. By the time he scrambled out onto the shore, the attendants had retreated, and he and the Face of Boe were alone.

The Doctor talked with delight about his adventures and the Face of Boe listened. And then, when his chatter wound down and his clothes were almost dry, the Doctor sat down, leaning his back against the tank. They both watched the sea.
Tags: author: gentlehobbit, character: face of boe, doctor:10, doctor:11, rating: all ages, reccer: singeaddams, type: gen

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