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rec: the lady of the night and the master of the stars by forge

Story: The Lady of the Night, the Master of the Stars
Author: Forge
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 1407
Author's Summary: Once upon a time, in an old town called Edgewood, Drusilla waited for the wicked man to come and take her away, a man known universally as the Master
Characters/Pairings: The Master (Delgado), Drusilla
Warnings: None.

Recced because: I can’t think of anyone who writes the Master in any incarnation better than Forge, with all the right mix of sinister charm, and this is one of the author’s very best fics about him.

It features the original Master as seen from the point of view of Drusilla (from Buffy). This makes for an unnerving and beautifully written fic that makes me both want to dance with glee at the mere idea – but also to go and hide somewhere well out of reach of the darkness of the two combined.

No Doctor in this one, but it shows brilliantly that the Master deserves his own story every now and then – and that he is absolutely a villain to be reckoned with, not a cartoon baddie.
Tags: author: forge, character: delgado!master, rating: all ages, reccer: lost_spook, type: crossover, type: gen

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