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rec: Recognition

Story: Recognition
Author: Kindkit
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 505
Author's Summary: Jamie, the Doctor, and the art of seeing.
Characters/Pairings: Two/Jamie
Warnings: Based around an event in 'The Mind Robber'.

Recced because: Kindkit is very good at these short snapshot fics, most of which revolve around one central idea and revelation. This is an excellent example of that genre, with some lovely phrasing and memorable images that fit well in Jamie's idioms and experience. It's also very well paced, with time slowing down towards the end as the mood of both characters changes. In general, it is a very beautiful and well-crafted thing.

Excerpt: For a second Jamie is very small and very homesick. Then the feeling drifts away, and he stares into the Doctor's funny little creased face, which for once is not smiling, which has folded into something new, like when Victoria learnt to make a crane from a sheet of paper. Jamie knows then that he'd follow the Doctor all the way to the end of the universe. Or farther, because Zoe says the universe doesn't have an end.
Tags: author: kindkit, companion: jamie, doctor: 2, pairing: 2/jamie, rating: teen, reccer: aralias, type: slash

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