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Rec: Lights and Cheer

Story: Lights and Cheer
Author: leamichelle
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 2,301
Author's Summary: In the Vortex, one loses a sense of when and where. It's fitting that the Doctor decides for all.
Characters/Pairings: Four/Romana I, K-9
Warnings: None

Recced because: Okay, I'm a good two months late for Christmas fic, and I don't even celebrate the holiday myself, but I am still going to rec this irresistible Four/Romana I Christmas fluff because it is just that charming. We've all seen the "Doctor and companion celebrate Holiday X" trope before, but rarely is it this entertaining and laugh-out-loud funny. Four's holiday observance starts with a strand of multicolored lights, moves on to spiked eggnog, and (unsurprisingly) becomes progressively sillier not long afterwards.


"Gather 'round, all – "

"It’s just me, Doctor."

"Ah-ah-ah! I'm going to tell you a tale of hearts-wrenching emotion and temerarious adventure, and it will be performed interpretatively by none other than a Time Lord’s best friend, K-9."


"K-9, what happened to your nose?"

"Explanation: I am illustrating, Mistress."

"All right, all right, enough chit-chat – the tale begins in a reindeer village at the North Pole of the Earth."

"Magnetic or true north?"

"Be quiet, I'm narrating."
Tags: author: leamichelle, companion: k-9, companion: romana i, doctor: 4, pairing: 4/romana i, rating: all ages, reccer: nonelvis, type: het
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