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Rec: You, Me and the Baobab Tree

Story: You, Me and the Baobab Tree
Author: Pitry
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 1,565
Author's Summary: Bloomin' Lovely are now making deliveries all the way to the Horse-Head Nebula. Regular fees apply.
Characters/Pairings: Gita Chandra, Sarah Jane Smith, Mr. Smith, Eleven
Warnings: None

Recced because: It isn't hard to believe that Gita Chandra, always hatching another ambitious plan to promote Bloomin' Lovely, would work out a way to extend her delivery range far, far outside London. Roses are easy, and even a request for a baobab straight out of The Little Prince is no trouble for the indomitable Gita, who isn't going to let anything as minor as Earth's existing flora catalog – much less Sarah Jane's insistence that Earth isn't ready for alien contact – limit her ability to serve her customers.


It was several moments after Guilo disappeared that Sarah Jane realised the full meaning of what had just transpired before her eyes. When it did, she turned to Gita, but before she could open her mouth, her neighbour was already talking. "Isn't he marvellous? Very lovely man. And it would be such a good thing if he tells his cousin about me! Imagine that! A spaceship! I could do deliveries all the way to Alpha Centuari! D'you think it's easy to drive a spaceship?"

"Gita," Sarah Jane used her friend's need to breathe to get in a word, "you can't go on selling flowers to – aliens!"

"Why not?" Gita asked, confused.

"Because they're aliens! Earth doesn't have trade treaties yet, most people have only ever seen the Daleks!"

"Well, it's a good opportunity then, to start trade relations! Imagine this! Maybe I would be the ambassador for Mars or something," Gita's eyes glazed, no doubt imagining her days as an ambassador in royal balls somewhere on the other side of the galaxy.
Tags: author: pitry, companion: sarah, doctor:11, rating: all ages, reccer: nonelvis, sja: gita, sja: mr. smith, type: gen

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