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Rec: The Miracle Series

Story:  The Miracle Series
Author: trobadora 
Rating: Up to Adult
Word Count: 7 separate stories so far, with word counts varying from 918 to 4204.
Author's Summary: "I really don't mind." - A series of encounters between Jack and the Doctor after Last of the Time Lords.
Characters/Pairings: Tenth Doctor/Jack Harkness; also occasionally Jack/Ianto Jones, other Torchwood team members
Warnings: None

Recced because: There are, of course, many stories and series pairing Jack Harkness with the Tenth Doctor. But few of these do it in a believable way: not just taking into account the fact that Jack has a life of his own now, a team that matters to him and a relationship - with Ianto - which also matters very much to him, but also taking into account the history between Jack and the Doctor, and this Doctor's treatment of Jack in the past, as well as his massive avoidance issues. This series truly is a portrait of a dysfunctional relationship between an ancient alien with commitment-phobia and an immortal torn between his Earthbound team and the Doctor. The series is set some time after Last of the Time Lords, with Jack back with his team and the Doctor travelling on, but trying at the same time to build a relationship with Jack. However, the Doctor being the Doctor (and especially Ten), he does this rather backwards, in that they become lovers before there's been any attempt to sort out all the outstanding issues between them - let alone what they actually want from each other. This leaves Jack 'flying blind', as he puts it, because he has no idea if he can believe that this is real, that the Doctor will keep coming back - or that if he happens to say the wrong thing or give any indication that he's expecting too much the Doctor will disappear and never return.

And have a taster! This is from one of my favourite instalments in the series, the fourth, Leave:

There's still something else; something the Doctor isn't saying.

The Doctor kisses him again, harshly, biting at his lips, his tongue.

And suddenly, with a flash of insight, Jack knows why the Doctor wanted him to come travel with him again.

Because when you run for your life every other day, when you save your friend's life on a daily basis, it's easy to show you care without saying the words. It's easy to let your actions speak for you.

Battlefield intimacy.

It's the way the Doctor communicates. But Jack's denied him that language.

Jack nearly laughs at the realisation: He's still trying to explain without explaining - just with sex as a substitute.

He's speaking in Jack's language.

He frames the Doctor's face in his hands, kisses him deeply.

He may never get a better explanation than this.

I hope you enjoy the series - and if you do, please tell the author!
Tags: companion: jack, doctor:10, pairing:10/jack, pairing:ianto/jack, rating: adult, reccer: wendymr, torchwood: ianto, type: slash

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