Singe Addams (singeaddams) wrote in calufrax,
Singe Addams

All Due Concern

Story: All Due Concern
Author: birdsarecalling
Rating: All Audiences
Word Count: 710
Author's Summary: "In which the Brigadier longs to travel to a future where caller ID has been invented."
Characters/Pairings: Doctor Three, the Brigadier
Warnings: None

Recced Because: Notice how most of my recs have a humorous bent? That ain't gonna ever change. THIS story is a gem. The Brigadier couldn't help the Doctor but Sigmund Freud would have had a field day.

"Listen to me: I have reason to believe that the future of humanity is in very grave danger!" The Doctor's voice crackled over the phone line. "You must alert all UNIT command centres at once."

"Grave danger?" Alistair perked up. "Is it Silurians?"

Alistair liked Silurians. They were a respectable threat for a respectable military operation. None of this nonsense with mad yetis and killer flowers -- a man could feel proud of his place in the world, when he spent his days beating back genocidal lizard warriors for Queen and country.

"Of course it's not Silurians," the Doctor said, heedless of the way in which Alistair deflated against his pillow. "I've had a dream."
Tags: author: birdsarecalling, doctor: 3, rating: all ages, reccer: singeaddams, type: gen

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