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I do beg your pardon for not having a rec yesterday but my electricity was out thanks to a million tornadoes flying up my ass here in Raleigh, NC. (I'm fine, not even my petunias were dented but...dang.) So, not being in a lighthearted mood, I've decided to go for a more serious story rather than the funny fluff I usually rec. Thank you for having me this past week!

Story: Prejudice
Author: March Hare
Rating: Teen-ish
Word Count: 3,616
Author's Summary: "1969. The end of the greatest decade the human race had ever known. Martha Jones resolves a crisis, almost makes a friend and learns that she doesn't really know the Doctor at all. DW/Withnail & I crossover, spoilers for Blink."
Characters/Pairings: Withnail, I, Martha Jones, the Tenth Doctor
Warnings: After-effects of drug abuse.

Recced Because: It's another brilliant crossover. Withnail and I is a hilarious (on the surface) movie that stars Paul McGann as the unnamed 'I' and, if you somehow didn't know, he's also the actor who played the Eighth Doctor. You don't need to have watched Withnail and I to understand what's going on, March Hare's characterization of everyone is flawless. She also combines both universes seamlessly and shows us what effect seeing a double (?) of his former self does to the 10th Doctor during the time when he and Martha are trapped in 1969 during the events of Blink. I'm so glad I stumbled across this.

When Martha woke up early the next morning, she was still in the armchair. But now she had the tattered afghan from the sofa wrapped around her, and there was an angel pouring a cup of coffee in the tiny kitchenette. At least, that was how the man seemed to Martha, now that he was calm, upright and sober: weak and grainy city sunlight gilding his curls, softening the angular lines of his face, gentling his expression from ill and worried into something more contemplative.
Tags: author: march hare, companion: martha, doctor:10, rating: teen, reccer: singeaddams, type: crossover, type: gen

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