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rec: baby you can drive my car, by Roach Patrol

Hi, I'm dbskyler, your reccer for the week. I'll be reccing a mix of genres and characters, including some Eleven!fic in honor of the S6 premiere on Saturday, but as today is David Tennant's 40th birthday, I had to start off with Ten!fic:

Story: Baby You Can Drive My Car
Author: Roach Patrol
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 2318
Author's Summary: This is the first day of the rest of Yana's life. (Utopia AU, Ten/Simm!Yana)
Characters/Pairings: Tenth Doctor/Professor Yana
Warnings: None

Recced because: This is an AU fic with a fascinating premise: what if Professor Yana had never opened the watch? What if he had regenerated, and become a Time Lord again, but had never regained his memory or his identity as the Master?

Well, in some ways the answer is obvious: the Doctor and Yana would end up traveling the universe together, and that is indeed where this fic starts off. Yana has all the boyish enthusiasm here that he showed in "Utopia," and he's very recognizable as Yana, but the fic has an undercurrent that makes it far more than a pleasant bit of fluff. Neither the Doctor nor we can ever quite forget that somewhere inside this affable companion, the Master is waiting to come out.

"Explains the noise in my head, I suppose," Yana muses. "But not why you didn't tell me when I first woke up."

"What, 'Hello there, Yana, you're not dead and you've got two hearts, turns out you're an alien?' That would've gone over well, you were already freaking out--"

"I'm not an alien though, am I?" Yana steals the carton of strawberry milk out of the Doctor's hands, and slurps it. "You've got two hearts, don't you? You got two people with the same physiology, you've got yourself a baseline standard, not aliens."

The Doctor smiles at him, that sad, pained gorgeous smile that makes Yana's heart-- both his hearts, apparently-- skip a beat.

"Alright," he says. "You're not an alien."
Tags: author: roach patrol, character: professor yana, doctor:10, pairing:10/professor yana, rating: teen, reccer: dbskyler, type: slash

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