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Rec: Six of the Best

Forgive me if I'm on a bit of an Eleven kick this week. I will branch out, I promise! But for now, a long action adventure story that could easily be an episode:

Story: Six of the Best
Author: Dash Westwood
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 18440
Author's Summary: The Doctor and Amy take to the time vortex after the events of "Victory of the Daleks", but detect a strange signal in 1981. Six foreign lifeforms, one powerful device, and a whole lot of trouble await.
Characters: Eleven, Amy
Warnings: None

Recc'ed because: Spot-on voices, great and creative alien baddies, a mystery, and the school setting gives it a bit of "School Reunion" feeling. It's always fun to find stories that could have stepped right off the TV as an episode.

"Six beings, all within slapping distance, and my guess is they're not there for a cup of tea and a chat. The ones that are normally phone ahead first."

"No chance they're there for holiday?" Amy asked, only half-teasing.

"The Shadow Proclamation likes to keep a close eye on starhoppers more advanced than their destination," said the Doctor. "Especially those who haul their own gear to a planet that's not ready for it. Introduced species that can ruin an ecosystem? Same thing, but with gizmos. Besides, even if they were there on holiday, they're travelling during peak season. Imagine the traffic!"

Amy allowed herself a giggle. "So if they didn't bring their boardshorts, what is it that they're doing?"

The Doctor grinned before wrenching forth the downward lever, bringing the time rotor to life and setting the TARDIS back into motion. "Six foreign lifeforms using a wotzit that just happens to be the most powerful wotzit this side of the Canis Major? That's trouble, Miss Pond. And we're about to sort it out!"

Tags: author: dash westwood, companion: amy, doctor:11, rating: all ages, reccer: eve11, type: gen

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