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Rec: The Way of Things by shrak

Series: The Way of Things
Author: shrak
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 193637 for the first story in the series, 2500-11000 words for the remaining stories
Author's Summary: A post-Doomsday story, set in the Alt!Verse. It's been over three years since Rose and the Doctor said goodbye. What happens when she not only meets his doppelganger, but has to work with him? A Blackpool/Doctor Who crossover.
Characters/Pairings: Rose Tyler, Mickey Smith, Jackie Tyler, Pete Tyler, Jake Simmonds, Peter Carlisle, DC Penington, OC's
Warnings: Graphic sex, violence

Recced because: This entire series is just completely, utterly epic and enthralling. I like the idea of Rose getting on with her life, and then getting hit upside the head by the fact that just because there's no Doctor in her new universe, that doesn't mean there isn't someone eerily like him, and all of the drama such a discovery could cause. Add in a compelling Torchwood-style murder mystery, and some extremely well-written OC's (I haven't seen Blackpool yet, but I really want to after reading this), and it's hard not to be sucked in to this AU. The length of the stories can be a bit daunting, but it's worth the time involved in the read.
Tags: author: shrak, character: jackie tyler, character: jake simmonds, character: pete tyler, companion: mickey, companion: rose, rating: adult, reccer: amberwind, type: het

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