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Rec: Beyond the Yellow Brick Road by Pluto

My penultimate rec is, like my ultimate one, for a Big Bang fic!

Story: Beyond The Yellow Brick Road
Author: pluto
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 23849
Author's Summary: Years after her adventures in the TARDIS, Martha Jones is haunted by the Doctor as she investigates an alien crash site.
Characters/Pairings: Jack Harkness, Martha Jones, Mickey Smith, The Doctor (10th)

Recced because: It's a thoughtful and occasionally moving look at Martha, Mickey and Jack years after their travels with the Doctor. It shows Martha at her best: clever, compassionate, thoughtful and occasionally stubborn. (And I adore the idea of Martha treating humans who're stupid enough to get alien headcolds because they don't take sufficient precautions!)

Glancing up from her notes as she stands at the podium, Martha glimpses brown hair and a blue-suited shoulder. After her dream that morning, she immediately thinks Doctor, her breath catching in her throat.

She tells herself that blue suits and brown hair aren't especially uncommon. Besides, the Doctor she knew is gone: years ago, she and Mickey intercepted the UNIT reports of a new regeneration spotted. And she'd known even before that, hadn't she? Known it in her heart that he was dying when she saw him last, known it like she had been punched in the gut.

She fusses with her notes until she's recomposed herself, and when she looks up, there's no Doctor, just a dozen dozen restless faces, staring up at her.

From travelling the galaxy to defending the Earth to hunting aliens to this, she thinks, scanning the room. Working for herself under the banner of Jones Xenobiological Consulting, Martha's in high demand in the field of xenopathology, though she finds most of this plays out as treating people who've caught alien head colds (and the odd STD--she doesn't ask) from investigating crash-landed artifacts.
Tags: author: pluto, companion: jack, companion: martha, companion: mickey, doctor:10, rating: all ages, reccer: persiflage_1, type: gen

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