Worrals (livii) wrote in calufrax,

Rec: The Bubble Chamber by Duncan Johnson

Story: The Bubble Chamber
Author: Duncan Johnson
Rating: All Ages
Author's summary: A historical story set in San Francisco in 1960.
Characters: Ninth Doctor, Rose Tyler, OCs
Warnings: none
Word Count: ~9,500 words

Recced because: A long, plotty genfic with the Ninth Doctor, this reads like an episode of the series in all the right ways. Rose and the Doctor arrive in San Francisco in May 1960, at the height of the Cold War, and get tangled up with the House Un-American Activities Committee, atom bomb threats, conspiracies, and good old-fashioned human drama - families, friends, the good and the bad mixed up perfectly. The historical details are well-researched, the OCs are all well-drawn and feel like the regular sorts of new characters you meet in an episode, and the Doctor and Rose both get to play strong roles and have lots of plot. Really satisfying.
Tags: author: duncan johnson, companion: rose, doctor: 9, rating: all ages, reccer: livii, type: gen

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