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rec: On Her Lady President's Secret Service by neveralarch

*waves* Hello all! I’m Jane, and I’ll be your reccer this week. I’ve never met a corner of the Whoniverse I didn’t like, and this week’s recs will include stories set during Classic Who, New Who, and in the Big Finish Audio ‘verse. I’m particularly fascinated by the Time Lords as a species, so every rec this week will include at least one Time Lord or Time Lady other than the Doctor (though he’s in plenty of them too).

This first rec is set in the Gallifrey audio ‘verse. Let me just take a moment here to say to those who have not heard Gallifrey: Look at your life. Look at your choices. And then go forth immediately and listen, for lo, it is amazing.

Story: On Her Lady President’s Secret Service
Author: neveralarch
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 13025
Author’s Summary: Narvin and Leela tracking down spies in the Citadel. And also fighting with people. And fighting with each other. And having discussions about CIA training methods. But they also track down spies.
Characters: Irving Braxiatel, Leela, Narvin, Other Character(s), Romana II, K-9 Mark I
Warnings: Explicit Violence
Recced because:

I’ll admit from the top that I am wildly biased where this story is concerned, because it’s got tons of Narvin in it, and Narvin is quite possibly my favorite character in the whole of the Whoniverse. But I think anybody who’s at all familiar with the Gallifrey audios is bound to enjoy this story just as much as I do, because it’s a solid piece of writing in every possible way: excellently plotted, perfectly characterized, with all the wit and dry humor that are so characteristic of the show itself. In addition, this fic is unusual for being set during Gallifrey’s first season, so not only does it have the ‘Torvald’ plotline to play with, it also serves as an excellent antidote to the shifting paradigms of season four, grounded back on the Gallifrey we knew, before wars, plagues or alternate universes. If I had to pick one single candidate for the classic Gallifrey fic, it would be On Her Lady President’s Secret Service.


"Narvin is right to be concerned, Lady President," broke in Brax. "But you are also right to be worried about the perceived image of the CIA. Perhaps you should compromise?"

"How so?" asked Romana.

"Leela can investigate. She was also there when the note was dropped, and is perfectly capable of conducting a covert operation."

"Yes," said Leela. "I will go find K-9 and together we will lie in wait at the docking bay."

"Very well," said Romana. "You can hardly be accused of xenophobia. But I want Narvin to stay well clear of this investigation, is that understood?"

"Lady President, this is absurd," argued Narvin. "How can I do my job if I am not allowed to follow up on threats to security?"

"You'll just have to do other parts of your job," said Romana. "Surely you have some paperwork to sign?"

"Give up, there's a good man," said Braxiatel. "Go 'interrogate' some prisoners or something."

Someday Narvin was going to strangle one or both of his superiors, loyalty be damned. Unfortunately today was not the day. He walked out of the President's office with his hands clasped behind his back and his head held high.

"I am sorry," said Leela, once they were out in the hall. "I promise I will find your thieves for you."

"Of course you will," said Narvin, condescendingly. "I just hope you do so before they make off with all our secrets."

Narvin strode off, toward his office, fists clenched.
Tags: author: neveralarch, character: braxiatel, character: narvin, companion: k-9, companion: leela, companion: romana i, rating: all ages, reccer: janeturenne, type: gen

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