the enemy of fun (nonelvis) wrote in calufrax,
the enemy of fun

Calufrax on Tumblr!

Way back in May, someone suggested we set up a Tumblr site that pulled in calufrax recs, so that folks on Tumblr could enjoy the reccing goodness as well. This was an awesome idea, and I set up the site immediately.

Unfortunately, this was when I discovered that Tumblr's RSS import, to put it diplomatically, is less robust than I'd hoped. Or, put less diplomatically: it sucks. A lot. Sometimes it works for a week, only to spend the next two weeks working sporadically or not at all. I am halfway convinced most chimpanzees, with or without a degree in computer science, could have done a better job coding things.

I've been putting off announcing until Tumblr got its act together, and finally, finally it seems to have been working reliably for several weeks. (Watch now as my optimism jinxes it and RSS import falls over dead later today.)

Anyway, if you want to follow, it's there, delivering the same wonderful calufrax recs to you on your Tumblr dashboard ... probably.
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