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rec: torchwood 1913: jack be nimble

Story: Torchwood 1913: Jack be Nimble
Author: jjpor
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 64,905
Author's Summary: Ever since she was a little girl, Harriet has wanted to make her mark on a man’s world; now Gerald is offering her the opportunity. Meanwhile, in Cardiff, what seems to be the Devil himself is leading the Torchwood team a merry chase across the rooftops…
Characters/Pairings: Other characters (the early 20th century Torchwood team, Jack Harkness)
Warnings: explicit violence, swearing

Recced because: So, this is part of the For King and Country series, parts of which have been recced here before. But I think this is my favorite part, and it stands well enough on its own. It's a novella about the Torchwood of years past, and a very good historical fiction/action-adventure piece. It does have a cast of what are basically OCs (these being Torchwood agents that have been mentioned in canon but not very developed there), but jjpor is really excellent at building well-rounded and interesting characters from the small basis Torchwood has provided. I often forget that my knowledge of Gerald, Charles, and Harriet comes from these fics and not from some audio or novelization.

Excerpt: Cambridge Circus, London, 1913

“Torchwood House,” read the lovingly-polished brass plaque next to the main entrance. “The new place,” according to some of the really long-serving employees of the Institute, those few old enough to remember working out of that windswept estate in Aberdeenshire before it had been decided, at some point in the 1890s, that a head office in London was far more convenient for everybody. The Institute still maintained the original Torchwood House as a combination training school, country retreat and temporary residence for high value prisoners, but some of the old-timers (not that there were many of them left), maintained that its successor lacked a certain something. As far as Gerald was concerned, the old estate was a hideous, draughty pile, full of dusty wood panelling and cracked portraits of long-dead Scottish aristocracy; not that the newer building was any more friendly, but at least in the winter one did not have to wear one’s overcoat indoors.
Tags: author: jjpor, companion: jack, rating: teen, reccer: neveralarch, torchwood: gerald carter, torchwood: harriet derbyshire, type: gen

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