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Rec: A tin heart can bleed too

Story: A tin heart can bleed too
Author: Who_La_Hoop
Rating: Teen, probably
Word Count: 441
Author's Summary: In which K-9 and Mickey do stuff that they really, really shouldn't.
Characters/Pairings: Mickey Smith/K-9. Yes, you read that right.
Warnings: I know the comm rules say we shouldn't warn for either het or slash (and rightly so), but...what do you call man/tin dog?

Recced because: I'll keep this brief, because it's very late and I need to sleep, but here goes: Now, dear readers, I don't want you to go reading this rec and thinking I'm some sort of...odd character for liking it so much. But I do actually think it's pretty awesome, for a variety of reasons. And you know, tin dogs of all kinds need love too, right?

I'll confess to always feeling a bit sorry for Mickey. He never seemed to get a break. Well, until he became a freedom fighter against the Cybermen, somehow married Martha and then ended up running away from Sontarans in derelict industrial areas as Ten angsted at them from afar. So it all came good in the end, you might say. But in between times, he didn't have much luck did he? Which is why I like the idea of him finding a bit of companionship and satisfaction, even with a...yeah...

Look, I'll stop being silly and get to the point. I think you should read this story, because it's very funny, very well written (I love the economical way the author captures Mickey's voice in particular) and if the ending doesn't make you go "Awww"... (while simultaneously snorting whatever beverage you're currently consuming out of your nose), then you probably ought to go and buy a soul somewhere. The review I left over on Teaspoon when I first read it just says "Genius!" and I don't think I was incorrect. :)
Tags: companion: k-9, companion: mickey, pairing:k-9/mickey, rating: teen, reccer: jjpor, type: slash

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