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Rec: Savor Your Victories

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present the second part of today's double feature:

Story: Savor Your Victories
Author: Magnus Greel
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 626
Author's Summary: The Third Doctor knows how to live... good food, good wine, a main course with special meaning... so just why is Jo freaking out?
Characters/Pairings: The Doctor (3rd), Jo Grant
Warnings: None

Recced because: I can't really say too much about this short piece without giving the game away, other than to say that it's very well written, extremely funny (to me, at any rate) and may well leave you with the same feeling of nausea as poor Jo seems to be experiencing at the story's conclusion. I would probably class this as crack fic, if only because I would prefer to think that Three would not "really" do anything like this, but sometimes with Three it's a bit hard to be sure. So read this, and see how long it takes you to work out what's really going on and why Jo reacts in the way she does. I'd also like to urge you to read some of this author's other work on the Teaspoon - Magnus Greel is a Who fan of the old school and has a nicely irreverant, surrealist take on the show and its meandering course over the years, but can also be very sincere and thoughtful when required. I don't think you'll regret taking the time to familiarise yourselves with some of his other stories after this one.

"Pass me the oregano, would you Jo?" the third Doctor asked brightly, as he tucked a napkin into the collar of his frilled shirt. "There's nothing quite like roughing it, wouldn't you say?"

"Oh yes, Doctor," Jo answered, as they both sat in a forest clearing, their faces illuminated by a campfire. "The champagne is lovely, by the way."

"Not the best year, but definitely the right end of the vineyard. Ready for dessert yet, my dear? I brought truffles!"

"Not just yet, Doctor," Jo said, with a bit of frustration in her voice. "I'm having some trouble cutting through... hngh... this meat...

Tags: author: magnus greel, companion: jo, doctor: 3, rating: all ages, reccer: jjpor, type: gen

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