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rec: growing pains

I'm so sorry guys, I completely blanked that it was my week *facepalm* Anyway...on to the recs!

Growing Pains
Author: Adalia Zandra
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: ~30,000
Author's Summary: GPW1.01: After Voyage of the Damned, the Doctor visits Jack. But this Jack is very surprised to see this Doctor.
Characters/Pairings: Jack/Doctor
Warnings: some angst

Recced because: This is a wonderful story that gives us a wonderful view of the relationship between Jack and Ten. They have such a tangled relationship, especially at the beginning with the whole 'wrong' conversation. And yet, when Ten is feeling like he's hit rock bottom he feels like he can only go to one person - Jack. Not his Jack, but Jack all the same. Ten is heartbreaking in the beginning of this story, and Jack is just perfect. Their relationship is wonderful here.
Tags: author: adalia zandra, companion: jack, doctor:10, pairing:10/jack, rating: all ages, reccer: horseriderjen, type: slash

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