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rec: face another day by aces

Story: Face Another Day
Author: aces
Rating: None given (teen?)
Word Count: 8526
Author's Summary: "How did you get to twenty-first century Cardiff, Fitzgerald Kreiner?" Jack asked.
Characters/Pairings: Fitz Kreiner, Gwen Cooper, Ianto Jones, Jack Harkness, Owen Harper, Tenth Doctor, Toshiko Sato
Warnings: None

Recced because: It feels real. Fitz starts off in a bad way, and although he ends up at peace, it's not an easy or straightforward progression. Fitz brings himself to Torchwood and tells them he wants to help; this is true, but although he'll help, he won't be co-operative. He doesn't want to talk to them about himself or how he knows what he knows, because then he'll have to face what's happened to him and he's not ready to do that at first. And Team Torchwood, in their turn, don't immediately take him into their respective hearts and set about trying to help him. Their interactions with him feel more authentic because they're not smooth. (Sidenote: aces also does a great job with Torchwood themselves; though none of them except Jack play a particularly large role, they all have some nice character moments and there's a nice group scene that makes me believe that they do all actually like each other, something the show itself was having trouble with for a while.) Fitz's gradual recovery is portrayed very well and the hopefulness of the final scene makes a lovely ending. I could go on at much greater length listing all the things I love about this fic, but I'll spare you my gushing and instead give you a quote:

“I’m not good for anything but making witty conversation in the face of alien baddies, running up and down corridors, and getting myself into stupid situations so that my friends can save me,” he told Jack with a certain quiet dignity that surprised the hell out of the captain. “I can’t survive in that world out there,” and he pointed his chin to indicate the Earth outside the Hub. “I don’t belong there but I’m stuck there and I’ve got to live somehow.” He flinched when he said the word ‘live,’ and then he looked at Jack again. “I know some stuff about alien technology and species, I can play the guitar, and I’ve practically got a degree in asking stupid but brilliant questions. So?”

(This fic is a sequel to And I Will No Other To Follow Me Where I'm Going, recced here.)
Tags: author: aces, companion: fitz, companion: jack, doctor:10, rating: teen, reccer: shinyjenni, torchwood: gwen, torchwood: ianto, torchwood: owen, torchwood: toshiko, type: gen

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