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rec: Loop

Story: Loop
Author: Sanguine Ink
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 24,705
Author's Summary: "He was the champion – no the lord – of foolhardy plans, whipped together at the last second with barely a prayer of working. But this…this took the cake. It was all up to Jack now." Ten, Rose, and Jack in a spot of trouble, several times over.
Characters/Pairings: The Doctor (10th)/Rose Tyler, Jack Harkness
Warnings:. none

Recced because: This story has everything – action, mystery, romance – all wrapped up in a Mobius strip of timey-wimey goodness. Sanguine Ink does such a fantastic job of capturing the frustration of getting stuck in a time loop, while still keeping the reader engaged and the plot moving. Everyone gets a chance to shine, and there is a special guest appearance in chapter three that’s totally worth the price of admission.
Tags: author: sanguine ink, companion: jack, companion: rose, doctor:10, pairing:10/rose, rating: teen, reccer: allonymity, type: het

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