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rec: wood and cardboard, by srmcd1

Story: Wood and Cardboard
Author: srmcd1
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 5802
Author's Summary: Crossover with Calvin and Hobbes. A wagon ride in the forest is interrupted by a strange man in a bow tie looking for his time machine. Thank goodness these two have one of their own.
Characters/Pairings: Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond, Rory Williams, Calvin and Hobbes from the comic strip "Calvin and Hobbes"
Warnings: None

Recced because: If you're familiar with Calvin and Hobbes, you're probably already thinking what a genius idea it is to have them meet the Eleventh Doctor. Because yes, it is a genius idea, and this fic does not disappoint. If you're not familiar with Calvin and Hobbes, here's what you need to know: Calvin is a six-year-old boy with a very active imagination, whose fantasy life is real to him. He can talk to his stuffed tiger (Hobbes), and he can make a cardboard box into a string of different inventions including, incidentally, a time machine. So what could be better than having a six-year-old with a cardboard time machine meet up with the Eleventh Doctor, the one adult in the whole universe who would take him at face value, and whose own time machine is made of wood?

"How's it work, though? How does a six-year-old have a time machine made from cardboard?"

The Doctor just shrugged, never taking his eyes off the console. "I dunno."

"How does a cardboard time machine even work?" Rory added.

"I dunno."

Amy stared at him. "Okay, what do you know about this whole adventure?" she demanded.

The Doctor just smiled. "I don't know," he said emphatically. "So a six-year-old boy made a time machine out of a cardboard box and can travel in it with his talking tiger. It's hardly my place to question him."
Tags: author: srmcd1, companion: amy, companion: rory, doctor:11, rating: all ages, reccer: dbskyler, type: crossover, type: gen

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