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rec: Shredded - parrotfish

Marvellous Martha Jones

I've been recommending Martha Jones-centric fics all this week and here is my final recommendation - and this time it's a Martha/Ten fic.

Story: Shredded
Author: parrotfish
Author Summary: Past actions bring consequences that are not easy to face. But for the Doctor and Martha, It's a chance to clear the air. "What do you want me to say? That I forgive you?"
Characters: Martha Jones, The Doctor
Rating: Adult
Word count 2455

Recced because: Parrotfish writes beautifully, and her stories about Ten and Martha are very well-observed, and frankly, she should be encouraged to write more !

This is a post-Season 3 fic in which Martha makes good use of her UNIT and Torchwood connections to save the Doctor (yet again) and they come to a new understanding:
The Doctor felt a thread in the complex web of his universe go slack, cut suddenly and hanging loose, death removing it from the pattern of all living things.
Strong hands lifted him, and he shivered as they carried him, dripping with water and blood, and laid him on dry, hard ground.
A face appeared before him, serene and dark, and he was sure he was delirious, because it was more than he deserved.
"What..?" he gasped through bloody teeth.
"Don't try to talk. You're going to be all right," she said in her reassuring way.
He knew it really was Martha Jones in the moment before everything went black.

It's possible the ending will make you melt, and if you like this, be sure to read the sequel: In the Dark (which is even more melting in my view !)
Tags: author: parrotfish, companion: martha, doctor:10, pairing:10/martha, rating: adult, reccer: persiflage_1, type: het

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