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The Giraffe Convolution of Doom

Story: The Giraffe Convolution of Doom
Author: Primsong
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 6421
Author's Summary: There are vampire giraffes reported at the London Zoo. The Doctor must do something about that, seeing as he’s been there before.
Characters/Pairings: Ace McShane, Evelyn Smythe, Frobisher, Jamie McCrimmon, Martha Jones, Sarah Jane Smith, The Doctor (11th), The Doctor (2nd), The Doctor (4th), The Doctor (6th), The Doctor (7th), The Meddling Monk
Warnings: None

Recced because: It's clever how Primsong ties in the different Doctors and companions and events. It's also a quite ridiculous story - the ridiculousness of it all comes out of the characters and it feels right.


“Doctooor!” hollered Rani. “Dooooooctor!”

“Yes? What do you want?” asked a voice.

They both spun towards the alleyway that had opened up beside them to find a tall man with a mop of curly blonde hair eyeing them. He was dressed in such clashing colours that both of them had the first impression of his perhaps being a player from a theatre troupe, except his demeanor was perfectly serious.

“What do you want with us?” asked Ace defensively, automatically pushing Rani behind her and bringing her backpack up where she could get at the contents easily.

“That’s my question,” the strange man replied equably. “You were the ones yelling my name, not the other way around, you know.”

“Who do you have there?” asked another voice, and an elderly, grandmotherly lady carrying a knitting bag came up the alley, peering around him to take a look at them.

“How should I know? I’m not a mind-reader,” the man snorted.

“Yes you are, you’re just too polite to do it,” she said.
Tags: author: primsong, character: the monk, companion: ace, companion: evelyn, companion: frobisher, companion: jamie, companion: martha, companion: sarah, doctor: 2, doctor: 4, doctor: 6, doctor: 7, doctor:11, rating: all ages, reccer: paranoidangel42, type: gen

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